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UK Limited Company Registration Package

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • Memorandum & Articles of Association

  • Registered Office Service

  • Director Service Address (for 1 person)

  • WISE Business Bank Account

  • TAX Register

  • Business Payoneer and Wise account setup guidance.

  • Wise Business Plastic and Virtual Visa Cards.

  • UK virtual number.

  • WISE Business Bank Account

  • Smart NID or Passport

  • Address & Phone Number

  • Email address

With WISE Business Bank Account you get 10 business bank accounts in different currencies of Australia, Canada, Hungary, Romania, New Zealand, Singapore, Turkey, Belgium, America, and the United Kingdom.

Wise Business Bank Wallet is especially useful for dropshipping or eCommerce businesses to make payments to global suppliers.
Note: The verification charge of Wise Business account is not attached to the package price.

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Some successfully registered copies of customer’s UK Company Formation

Answers to all questions related to UK Company Formation

How much the annual expense of UK COMPANY address management can be?

The annual expense for UK COMPANY address management can be from 130-150 GBP

* Company Service Address Renewal
* Director Service Address Renewal

In addition to this, you will have to spend as an account of annual renewal in some more sectors such as:

* UK Virtual Number Renewal
* Confirmation Statement Submission
* Preparation of Company Audit Report(Bookkeeping)
* Tax filing and submission

Where shall I get a Chartered Accountant (CA firm) service for UK COMPANY annual tax filing and submission and how much would be my approximate cost for tax filing?

You must submit annual accounts (audit report) to UK COMPANY HOUSE for operating your UK Company legally.

The Chartered Accountant (CA) team of ESOLUTION will provide all services related to your UK COMPANY annual tax filing submission. Such as:

* Confirmation Statement (COS)
* CT600
* Company House Submission
* HMRC Submission
* Self-Assessment (SA100)

Every year you may have the expense of approximately 420 to 450 GBP for UK COMPANY Annual tax filing and submission if you have an annual turnover of a minimum of 20,000 GBP. If your annual turnover is more than 20,000 GBP, the tax filing and submission costs will increase further.
For any advice regarding tax filing and submission,
Email: [email protected] or
WhatsApp +60145991900

What is the percentage of tax to be paid on UK COMPANY annual profit?

19% corporate tax to be paid on your UK Company’s annual profits.

For instance: In a year your company has a turnover of 10000 GBP. Excluding all expenses (company staff salary, director salary, office rent, purchase of digital tools, cost of tax filing submission, etc.), if the company has made a profit of 500 GBP, then you will have to pay 95 GBP as a tax which is 19% of 500 GBP profit.

If your UK COMPANY can’t make any profit in a year, you don’t have to pay tax.

How would I know when to file taxes for my company?

All your company information is stored on the website of the UK COMPANY HOUSE. If you search with the name or registration number of your company, you will know the final date of tax filing.
See the screenshot

How do I know when my UK limited company needs to submit a Confirmation Statement (COS)?

You can find confirmation statement (COS) submission date by searching your company name or registration number on UK company house website.

UK company house website link:

It should be noted that if the Confirmation Statement (COS) is not submitted within the specified period, 150 GBP will be automatically fined first and the more late the penalty will be.

When UK limited company has to submit Confirmation Statement (COS)?

Every UK limited company is required to submit a Confirmation Statement (COS) annually. Basically, you need to submit a Confirmation Statement (COS) to confirm whether any information about your UK limited company (whether a new director has been added, the company registered address has changed etc.) has changed or not.

ESOLUTION’s Chartered Accountant (CA) team will provide services related to your UK COMPANY Annual Confirmation Statement (COS) submission. Confirmation Statement (COS) submission costs 45-50 GBP.

It should be noted that if the Confirmation Statement (COS) is not submitted within the specified period, 150 GBP will be automatically fined first and the more late the penalty will be.

Can I bring the rest of the company's profit to Own Country after paying all taxes and renewal expenses?

Of course, you can. You can receive the remittance of your company’s profits in your Own country bank account by transferring your company’s profits from your UK bank account to your Own country personal bank account. In this process, you can be a proud partner in earning foreign currency for the country.

How would I check if the name of my favorite company is available?

You can easily see it from the UK company house website whether your preferred company name is available

Can I receive any documents at my UK Company’s registered address?

There are basically two types of UK address services.

* Registered Office Address Service
* Business Address Service

Business Address Service Details: If you use Business Address Service, any country or company in the world

✅ Bring original documents of your UK company to your Country.
✅ Receive any parcel and bring it to  your Country.
✅ Amazon Business Profile Verification.
✅ Google Business Profile Verification.
✅ Receiving Plastic Card from PayPal Business Account.
✅ Receipt of any Tenancy agreement documents from the UK to your Country.

You can receive documents from your company at your UK address. As soon as the document is received, a scanned copy will be sent to you by email and you can forward the document to  your Country address. 

The annual cost of a business address is approximately 120 GBP.

Can I fully access to all of my company's information from the UK Company House website?

Of course, you can. We will provide you with a “Web Authentication Code” number after the completion of your UK company registration.

You can access all the information about your company through this unique number.

Can I apply to different payment gateway providers like PayPal, Stripe etc. using all the documents of my company?

Of course, you can. You can apply to any payment gateway provider as per your necessity. Payment gateway providers will take the decision about giving approval after analyzing your personal profile and your company’s business information.

How much would be the cost if I want to close (Dissolved) the company?

If your UK Company has not done any transaction in one year then it will cost 85-90 GBP to make the company close (dissolved). And even if a single transaction has been done there then you have to submit full accounts and then apply for closing (dissolved) the company.

What is the Dormant Account service?

If your UK COMPANY has not done any transactions in one year, then you must submit Dormant Accounts before the final date of submitting accounts. If there is a transaction in your company’s bank account within a year, then you need to submit full accounts. The cost of Dormant Accounts service becomes 45-50 GBP.

Why and when VAT Registration is necessary?

When your company has a turnover of 85,000 GBP then your VAT registration becomes mandatory. However, if you want, you can register for VAT in advance. The cost of VAT registration is 50-60 GBP.

How to make payment of VAT amount?

Your VAT amount from your monthly sales data you can pay directly from your UK Business Wise or UK Business Payoneer account to HMRC bank account. The Esolution Consultant team will assist you in this regard.

How many days after application can VAT Numbers be obtained?

Generally VAT number is available within 60 days of application for VAT number.

What if I don't renew my UK limited company yearly and don't file TAX return?

First of all if you don’t submit UK limited company annual renewal and TAX return your director profile and company profile will be flagged. And the automatic penalty will continue to accrue until you file the TAX return. Your director profile and company profile being flagged may cause you problems in any kind of activity within the European Union. For example:

* All bank accounts in the company’s name will be closed and all payment gateways (PayPal, Wise, Stripe) will be closed.
* UK TAX Department will continue to try to recover the penalty amount from the balance of the company’s bank account and payment gateway.
* In the future any personal EUR account may be closed or application to re-open the account may be rejected.
* Visa processing can be complicated in any country within the European Union.

How much does it cost to manage my UK virtual number?

Your UK virtual number will be managed through the Vyke app. From the Vyke app you can do both call receiving, SMS receiving and calling, SMS sending.
You can use multiple UK numbers from this Vyke app if you want. Each virtual number will charge you $16 per year to manage. Download Vyke app for UK virtual mobile number and complete registration with your Bangladeshi number.

Google Play
Apple Apps

Complete registration and top up $16 from any PayPal account or card.

How to pay 45GBP for Wise Business Bank Account Verification?

First register the Wise Business Bank account from your own device and IP.

Registration link:

After completing the registration you can make payment of 45 GBP using OTP enabled debit or credit card of any international bank.
If the card profile and Wise Business Bank account profile are the same, the verification process will be completed quickly.
For any query related to Wise Business Bank Account Verification WhatsApp +60145991900

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