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10X Lifetime Dropshipping Solution

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πŸŽ‰10X Dropshipping Solution

βœ… A Shopify Store Setup
βœ… SEO Optimised Clean Designed Store
βœ… Branded Logo and Banner for Store
βœ… Branded Logo and Banner for Social Media
βœ… 10 Top Winning Products Setup
βœ… 10 Thumbnail /Graphics Design
βœ… 10 Dropshipping Product Video Ads
βœ… 10 Promotional Ads Text Copies
βœ… 10 Social Media Posts for Facebook and Instagram
βœ… Facebook Brand New 10X Branded Campaign Setup
βœ… Instagram Brand New 10X Branded Campaign Setup
βœ… Tiktok Brand New 10X Branded Campaign Setup
βœ… Inventory Management & Setup
βœ… Supplier Support
βœ… Business Manager Setup
βœ… FB Pixel Setup
βœ… Legal Page Setup
βœ… Marketing Consultancy and Guidelines
βœ… Customer Handaling Support

The Best value you can get,

πŸ”₯ 10X Brand New Campaign Strategy
10X Campaign Strategy is our Private Tested Sales Funnel Formula through which our team has been able to generate sales in the fastest time possible. And this Advanced Brand New Formula of Sales Generation will be used for you.

** No need to buy any paid Theme **
** For the maximum of 1-10 products **
** Lifetime Support **
Delivery: 7 days

Settlement Price:
1099 USD

( If your store profit crosses 10K $ USD then 5% profit from there you have to share revenue with us )

All you need to do is take the service ...
=> Minimum 5K-10K USD for Starting Budget
=> Email Addresses

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Total Order 1500+

5 Star Review 150+

Customer Satisfaction 99%

2+ years Experience