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Why You take ESolution’s Dropshipping Solution

✨ Your business, our setup ✌✌

With this slogan, our brand new 10X Dropshipping Package is here for all!

This was a much awaited package for those who are working as online entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other online professionals.

A lot of entrepreneurs can be found who doubled or tripled their business setup costs by going into the dropshipping business.

As we talk about dropshipping business, a lot of things come to mind that include creating a website at the primary stage of the business, product listing, paid campaigns, setting up social media pages, managing product inventories, finding suppliers, customer care support, etc.

After being in the digital marketing sector for five years in a row, we have come to realize that most service providers can provide the best set-up for your business, but they often fail to provide the marketing guidelines that will help the customers to choose the right product to start working on, decide on the right marketing setup, and know how to stay in the market strategically 👎👎👎

So basically the online entrepreneurs who take support from us consider the dropshipping business as a side business!

And we never support an entrepreneur to ignore or give up on his main job to take over the dropshipping business.

First of all, dropshipping is very competitive right now!

If you want to survive here as a digital entrepreneur, you have to know advance level digital marketing techniques and strategies 👍

You might be able to gather some basic knowledge with the help of a course but in order to be successful in the long run you need practices!

The problem is that most of the time, the online entrepreneurs are so tired due to their work pressure that they can hardly take a course to learn business management 😑😑

Many people try, but gets very difficult to get along with those who have been doing advance digital marketing for a long time!

For some, this turns out to be a matter of frustration.

It may turn out that you have the funds and you have already spent huge amounts of money just to set the business up, but at the end of the day, you’re unable to bring any sales 😣

So what is the solution to this?

There’s only one solution. You can either learn digital marketing and its tactics all by yourself or handover the project to a reliable team that can handle everything!

Sadly, there are many mentors and service providers in the country who can provide you with some pocket theories that you can easily get by doing some YouTube and Google all by yourself; but at the end of the day, you are bound to feel the absence of an unplanned sales funnel 😐

Also, if you keep taking unnecessary services from different organizations, the cost of setting up your business will be many times more than the marketing cost!

Even though the main cost of a business is assumed to be in the marketing!!!

So basically we, the team of ESolution, realize and understand these problems well. Hence we gathered all the solution in one package and with this, we are going to offer a complete solution to our community for the first time in the country!

And the name of the solution is 10X Dropshipping Solution…

Take a look at the details of the package

🎉 10X Dropshipping Solution

( Niche Store )

✅ A Professional Dropshipping Website Setup ( WoCommerce )

✅ SEO Optimised Store

✅ A Branded Logo

✅ A Branded Banner for Social Media

✅ 10 Winning Products Setup

✅ 10 Thumbnail /Graphics Design

✅ 10 Dropshipping Product Video Ads

✅ 10 Promotional Ads Text Copies

✅ 10 Social Media Posts for Facebook and Instagram

✅ Facebook Brand New 10X Testing Campaign Setup

✅ Instagram Brand New 10X Testing Campaign Setup

✅ Inventory Management & Setup

✅ Supplier Support

✅ Business Manager Setup

✅ FB Pixel Setup

✅ Legal Page Setup

✅ One Click Initial Checkout Page Setup

✅ Marketing Consultancy and Guidelines

✅ Customer Handeling Support

The best value which you get,

🔥 10X Brand New Campaign Stratregy 🔥

10X Campaign Strategy is our own private tested sales funnel formula and our team has able to generate a good sales within a quick time by following it. The most amazing thing is that this Advanced Brand New formula will be applied for your business marketing.

**No Need to Buy Extra Theme**

**Have No Hassle of Any Monthly Subscription**

**For Highest 1-10 Products**

**3 Months Support **

Delivery: 7-10 Days

Price: 18,000 Taka

what do you need to get the service…..

👍You have to have Company Registration, PayPal and Payment Gateway for receiving payment.

👍Domain and Hosting

👍Email Address

👍A good enough balance for buying products from Ali Express or Supplier and Paid Campaign.

If you can fulfil the above criteria then contact us now and boost your business from zero to 10X

Again Saying…..

Your Business, Our Setup 💪

First time in Bangladesh 🇧🇩

#10XDropshipping Solution



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