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SELL your skills outside of Fiverr / Upwork

⚠⚠⚠ Lately we’ve been seeing in the marketplace support groups of Fiverr / Upwork that a lot of profiles in very good form are being dropped.

This is very sad!

Only a freelancer can tell you how inhumane it is for a freelancer to make his profile rank❗

Whatever you or we do, the marketplaces will never back down from their own policies!

Even for the smallest things, they take steps like suspending the account, dropping the gig’s ranking, even losing the search ranking!

Since our freelancers are deeply involved with them, nothing can be done in this case!

Some marketplaces always portray one-sided behavior!

They give buyers so much priority that if someone makes a dispute in your name to take revenge, it will be very challenging for you to restore your profile back to the way it was!

So then what is the solution❓

How will you promote your skills to the right buyer❓

In this case, my personal opinion will be to learn to market yourself!

Suppose you can do some graphics designing and with some investment, you can run ads for your service on Facebook or Google; by doing this, you can make the potential buyer think of you as professional enough, and thus without involving any third party, you can find the buyer in your own investment!

In this way, everything will be under your own control! No one has to pay any extra fee or charge!

And you do not have to face the rage or temper of any marketplace!

You will sell your own service 👍

You will be independent!

Not all business in the world is fiber or Upwork centric!

The buyer who orders on Fiber spends some time of his day on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn as well!

Try to grab his attention!

Your skills, your product, just add in the right ways to sell them and see the money getting generated automatically!

Although the process is a little tough in the primary state, the overall results will be worthwhile!

And for those of you who think that the only obstacle to getting your skills to the right buyer is your identity.. for the first time in UK 🇬🇧 , ESolution is offering you the opportunity to create your own Global Business Identity through business registration.

You can run a business globally from anywhere by doing the UK 🇬🇧 Business Registration or LTD,!!

You will also get the legal document support for using PayPal, Stripe and all other global payment gateways …

Let’s Have a Look What we are offering

1: UK (GB) Company Limited Registration

✅ Certificate of Incorporation

✅ Memorandum & Articles of Association

✅ Share Certificate(s)

✅ Company Register with First Entries

✅ Registered Office Service

✅ Director Service Address (for 1 person)

✅ WISE Business Bank Account

✅ TAX Register (URT NUMBER)

2: In Addition, we are offering the payment gateway setup service with free of cost.

✅ UK 🇬🇧 Business Payoneer Account Setup

✅ UK 🇬🇧 Virtual Number Setup

✅ UK 🇬🇧 Wise Business Account Setup

✅ UK 🇬🇧 Wise Unlimited Virtual VISA Card Generate Setup। (Google & Apple Pay Supported)

The Cards you will get future

🟨 Wise Business VISA Card

🟨 Payoneer Business VISA Card

3: Payment Solution

1 Wise Business VISA Card & Unlimited Virtual Visa card

You can also use this card for other payment, online shopping, purchasing domain-hosting, ordering any product from international website

Moreover, You can also receive payment from 50 countries easily. 💸

So, Our package is not only the solution to your company registration but also resolves your payment receiving issues. ✌

That means almost 80% work has been finished before starting your international business. 👍

So, who want to sell product or service in international market, but facing the interruption of business registration and payment solution, they can grab this great opportunity.

ESolution has been successfully providing company registration, payment solutions and other legal solutions to over 1400+ freelancers and IT experts for over 2+ years.

You are also most welcome🎉

Package Price

✅ 17,500 Taka

Requirement for the Order :

👉 Smart NID card
👉 Residential Address
👉 Phone number
👉 Email address

Delivery: 7-15 Days

To confirm your order contact us via Whats App or Telegram, +601126730327

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